‘Imaginative Investigations’ PhD/MRes Exhibition at Brighton University Grand Parade Campus March 2017

I took part in an exhibition led by students at the Brighton University Grand Parade site in which PhD and MRes students whose work entails a creative practice dimension/model. I don’t identify as a creative practice student (for now at least) but as my background is is fine art (Fine Art: Critical Practice at UoB) as I wanted to focus on writing for this project, but as my former artwork focused on similar issues, I thought this could be an interesting opportunity to explore/express my research in a different way and to test myself as (someone who formerly identified as) an artist.

I was able to borrow a flat glass-top container to display in, which I used to place a lay-out of printed research findings including:

  • Quotes from interviews with Catherine Flood (curator at V&A and of Disobedient Objects) and Guy Julier (professor in Design at UoB and contributor to Disobedient Objects)
  • Pages of V&A annual reports from 2015 in which an overview of the museum’s experience of hosting the exhibition is given
  • Details of the funding body The London Community Fund which provided financial support for the exhibition
  • Images of the How-To guides sourced from google images search engine
  • Image of the exhibition from the museum website superimposed with the museum logo
  • The exhibition logo and accompanying graphics

What I was exploring and attempting to communicate through this piece was an emphasis on the exhibition being embedded within the structure of the museum as an institution and – in the case of the V&A – an extension of the state.

I wanted to explore the tenuous relationships that are mediated between these entities, whilst also exploring the notion that an institution is – whilst also being a homogeneous authoritative voice – a collection of individuals each with their own ontologies and agency.

IMG_2922IMG_2923catalogue image


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